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Selling cars online is missing one crucial car selling point, the test drive. So we had to make up for that experience by creating an amazing online one that ultimately sold the car. I headed up 3 major redesigns while working with other contractors and UX designers along the way to land on our most successful design you see here.


Our goals were clear throughout the iterations of the VDP, but finding the right solution took some trial and error. Some of the main goals were to emphasize the "360 degree spinner" for that amazing experience, allow the customer to view and select their financing options, and highlight the selling points of the car. I made it a point to emphasize the "spinner" by making it musch larger and more present on the page. Unfortunately the way the spinner was built was in Flash and we hadn't considered future change and mobility when in the first iteration so in the end, we kept the spinner the same size. We were able to add a gallery of larger, crisper images that the customer could easily navigate through in case the spinner was the preferred method of exploration. Finding workable solutions for the financing ("Build My Deal") section and the details section are complex parts to convey and I'm happy with the solution.



"Customers clicked on START PURCHASE at a 200% increase..."

A huge initiative for this redesign was to truly consider mobile. Until this point we had thought of mobile as an afterthought, a symptom of cutting out the unnecessary in favor of quickly deploying. We weren't even sure if people were interested in buying a car on their phone. We did know that people were using their devices to search for cars and figure out which one they wanted. It's very handy to be able to navigate to the car's page and hold up your device to a page and ask a friend what they think. This interaction in the physical world created a huge push for mobile.


The release of the newest VDP had even better results. It was difficult to measure results solely on the VDP deployment because we released quite a few things in that time period, but we did notice a spike in a few areas that we hypothesized were part of the new VDP. One astounding statistic is that customers clicked on the "start purchase" button at a 200% increase, most of that increase happened on mobile devices.