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UX / UI Designer, Graphic Designer


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Sourcing and providing constant inventory to the growing business is a challenge. We noticed that sales were closely correlated to inventory count. One solution for this is to show vehicles that are coming down the pipeline. Customers can "reserve" the car they are interested in while we get it ready for them. We set off, again, to design an experience with none like it.


The first problems that we discovered while creating this idea were:

  1. What do we show customers? How do we make this an immersive enough experience to where they want to "reserve"?
  2. How do we communicate this slightly different product so that customers understand what they are signing up for?
  3. How do we communicate the state that their car is in as it goes through its rigorous reconditioning?
  4. How do we hold their attention to the point where they won't get tired of waiting and simply buy a car from the dealer around their block?


We went through several iterations and debates and landed on a great product that is proving to be understood by our customers and has shown to increase sales. The changes and testing that made this project a success was due to our amazing product team. I just made it look good and made sure the user flow made sense!



What kind of dealership doesn't allow you to trade-in? As the first online car dealership, we didn't for a few years and this was a huge pain point for our customers. Of course they want to put the money from their old car into their new one. This presented operational and logistical issues as well as the complexity of such a product to the site. We identified a hole in the current old fashioned dealership approach: we don't understand how this random figure is given for our old cars. We have no insight to how that figure is fenaggled and haggled and cut and shifted around back there in that shady F&I room. And we are always feel a little jolt of painful astonishment when we discover how much our car has decreased in value.


Solution: "Cardian Angel", Sebastian, to the rescue! He explains the in's the out's of why and how we reached a value for your old car. And he does this minutes after you complete the form about your car. I wasn't very involved in the creation of this video but it took quite a huge amount of time, effort and engineering magic to make it happen. I was tasked with creating the form and presenting the value in an exciting and also informative way to reiterate the points in the video. I also created communication around the options for just selling the car to Carvana and how to integrate the process into the checkout section.




One of my very favorite things about working at Carvana is the chance to educate our users about financing and how misleading the F&I back room can be when purchasing a used car. Many Americans don't understand this, including me when I started! Learning about interest rates, financing and how a traditional brick and mortar dealership can jerk customers around made me excited to create tools that customers can use to help.


This is also an extremely difficult aspiration. Many customers simply don't care and won't take the time to consume this information, so I approached this with the goal of making the information accessible at the right time, fun, easy to use and compelling with as little copy as possible. One thing I learned quickly is that if our tool needs written instructions, our tool is broken and if we're confused by our tool then it's also broken.