It's a little embarrassing to think about our first homepage design... ok thought about it... now done with that. It got the job done which is all that we needed. I should explain something here, I started at Carvana with little to no knowledge of web design.  We grew together, me and Carvana. Between finding the perfect message and also the right interface, we eventually prevailed and found the right solution. Coming from a print background, working at Carvana was a HUGE opportunity and it was amazing to learn and grow with the company.


After about 5 or 6 redesigns since I've been at Carvana, I'm finally proud of this one. We settled on our main messaging of "A Better Way To Buy A Car." Simple, sweet, and to the point. It allows readers to understand us in a single phrase and decide if they want to scroll for more. Our biggest challenge had always been to communicate what we do in the simplest way possible while also instilling trust in our customers. This version of the homepage does a decent job of that.


Overall, this design was an improvement over the others. Our bounce rate declined, people managed to get all the way to the bottom of the page and time on site improved. Generally, our clear messaging and intentional placement of key points helped customers understand what we are all about and that encouraged them to want to buy a car from us even before seeing the cars in our inventory.






A special section was added to help customers understand the importance of leaving behind a brick and mortar dealership in favor of an online experience. There are many reasons why Carvana is saving our customers time and money, but they are complex. We hoped that this section would educate customers to understand that savings come in more than just the price tag discount. Quality, lower cost of business, less real estate, centralized teams, financing rates and hidden fees all factor into the comparison between Carvana and a traditional dealership. The numbers are still coming in, but we hope that this helps educate for those who are concerned. This tool was fun to build and a great way to educate the public, but I don't think that many people will want or care to review it. This story is one that Carvana wants to tell and it serves us well, but it's not necessarily brought to light completely in the view of the user's interest. Sure, we want to educate our customers and we are completely transparent about the details, but it doesn't serve the short attention spans that many customers have on the homepage. They may find this information more valuable and engaging after they have either found a car they like or have their mind set on Carvana.










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